I dreamed about everything2 the other night.

I have joined the ranks of the most E2-obsessed lunatics among us. And I am proud.

And to make matters even better, it was the best dream ever.

....fade into dream sequence....

I was online, deep in conversation with my fellow noders. IronGoth was in the catbox, entertaining everyone with yet another witty explanation of how males are oppressed not by the binary gender system but by soy and powerful women. Or some damn thing.

Panamaus and I were talking behind everyone's backs. While I humored IronGoth in public chat, the Maus had approached me with an Evil Plan. He would use his godhead to give me Sekrit Powers(tm) in the catbox.

Of course I agreed, feeling the door to the dream world blow open with a chill gust.

The Sekrit Powers in question would allow me to "spoof" IronGoth. We put our heads together and plotted, like two cartoon characters in a tiny huddle, words and ideas bursting upward.

In the dream, IronGoth was a sixteen-year-old boy. We cooked up a plan to make it look as though he was coming out to everyone as gay (we were pretty sure he was gay, with our high-powered gaydar) and that he liked to fuck small dogs. I should say here that I would never do this in real life, and that I respect a lot of IronGoth's work. I could have had the same dream about momomom, and it would probably have been funnier.

Oh, it was mean. And we laughed, in our delirious dreamworld state.

IronGoth didn't like it much. He denied everything. Then he figured out what was going on. The dream-website dissolved and he chased the two of us across Oakland, leaping over the grey early-morning streets.

All I remember after that is a blur of hilly streets and speed bumps, of the big intersection of 51st and Broadway, galloping by the giant Longs Drugs there and hoping to get lost in the hills. I am surprised, actually, by how much I remember. I knew that I had met the Maus in real life, and his and IronGoth's names, and who we all were online. I did not remember what Panamaus looked like exactly; I think he was more of a supermodel in my dream. But he can't possibly object to that.

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