I am a male. I was born that way. I do not intend to change that fact. I have no uterus. I have no monthly cycle. I do not get PMS. I do not love or hate my breasts. I will never have a female orgasm.

I freely admit that I have no firsthand knowledge of the experiences that go along with various parts of the female body. I will never give birth or have an abortion. I will never breast feed.

All of my comments about the above must be taken from the point of view of an observer to the process. While it is impossible to be a female, nevertheless I am affected by these things in various relationships with women, be it sister, mother, friend, girlfriend, wife, or bitter rival.


I do not understand your mood swings. While I may know the pattern of your menstrual cycle, I may or may not be ready to deal with them. I try to make you feel good. When I fail, it may depress me, which will make us both feel bad.
I want to know how you feel, but I have a hard time expressing that. I try to hide my insecurity about this, and get defensive when you ask pointed questions along those lines.
When you feel good about yourself, I feel good, too. When you obsess about your appearance, it makes me crazy! Don't you know it doesn't matter, when I'm in love with you?
I don't like shopping for clothes. If it's in my style, and it fits, that's all I care about. If you need me along when you go shopping, please let me hang out in Hardware, Sporting Goods, or Electronics. I'll be happier.
I don't want to be with you all the time. I'm sorry if this truth hurts, but sometimes I need to just be with my buddies, or by myself. Don't take this as a rejection of you... it isn't meant that way.
If something I do upsets you, tell me. I'm not telepathic. Please don't take it out on my toys.
Speaking of toys, I need my toys. Whether it's a powerful computer, or a rockin' stereo, or a hopped-up car, these things are important to my self-identity.
I like looking at other women. Please don't take this as an indication that I think there's anything wrong with you... I just have an appreciation for the female form. Perhaps I have fantasies about the women I see, but I chose you. The fantasies may even make me give you a more vigorous session of love-making.
I am fallible. Please don't store away my little mistakes in long-term memory to use against me later. You make mistakes too, but I don't drag them up when it's convenient.

I try to show you how much you mean to me. Give me a chance, and I'll give you the stars.

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