See, when you take a whole bunch of DXM, it hangs around in your brain the next morning generally making you feel stupid and uncoordinated. But otherwise pretty good.

Interesting fact: a DXM hangover is actually a decent substitute for sleep. If you only get three hours of sleep (like, for instance, if you were up all night tussing), you'll still feel fine the next morning.
...and you tend to have an almost zenlike indifference. Oh, and if you go outside, it's like the ozone layer is completely missing. Wake-n-bake works well, too.

Some unfortunate souls are apparently missing an enzyme that cleans up their system and report flu-like symptoms for days afterwards.

Standard Disclaimer

Note: zenlike indifference has caused me great trouble with the females in my life. Back when I thought DXM was a fun way to spend a friday night (before I learned about the brain damage), I blew a couple of relationships this way. If they are not in a similar state I would suggest avoiding them and other authority figures for fear of saying or doing something spontaneous you'll later regret.

I quite enjoy DM hangovers though - they are nice state to go on a walk on and be a little introspective. Any other drug such as caffeine, nicotine, or marijuana may well bring back the full force DXM effects though, so be careful if you're driving or something.

I’ve found that coming down off of a DXM induced trip is very unpleasant. Not in the hit-by-a-cement-truck physical pain and general lack of well-being sense. I often feel like while I was high someone kicked off the top of my head and vigorously stirred up its insides with a very large stick.

Every thought, sensory experience, and emotion seems to be re-routed after consuming copious amounts of dextromethorphan hydrobromide and allowing it to course through my head doing its dirty work. DXM fucks up all pathways, and it always seems far too long before reconstruction takes place and I feel like a human again instead of a very poor facsimile of one.

From what I’ve heard and read this reaction is atypical.

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