A fun form of brain damage caused by dissociative drugs such as DXM, PCP and Ketamine. Basically, it's when certain neurons in your brain are so overexcited that they die and get eaten by your immune system, leaving lovely holes in your brain. The damage is to certain areas of the brain, so typical symptoms are damage to the following skills:

Memory, especially language-related (e.g., finding words)
Understanding metaphors
Evaluating, and possibly controlling, your own behaviour
Multi-sensory thinking
Learning in new situations
Certain aspects of visual perception

If you ignore these warning signs and continue on, you'll start frying other parts of your brain, leading to even more loss of brain functions. Strangely enough, young children are apparently immune to this. Overall, a good reason not to do dissociative drugs, or at least, keep it to a incredibly low level.

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