This sandwich can be made the night before and will only get better as it sits until lunch the next day.

What ideath Could Use
1 baguette
extra virgin olive oil
some mache (lamb's quarters) or other tender, spicy green
a little bit of fresh basil
1 small tin of black beans
1 jalapeno or other fresh chile, minced
some queso blanco or feta cheese
minced garlic
fresh or dried rosemary
fresh or bottled lemon juice
seeded, diced roma tomatoes

All That ideath Would Have To Do
She could slice the baguette horizontally in half and scoop out most of the bread. She could then layer the inside of one half with the mache.

In a mixing bowl, she could pour in a drained rinsed tin full of black beans. With a wooden spoon, potato masher, or an immersion blender she could roughly mash the beans. She could then add the minced garlic and jalapeno, the rosemary, lemon juice, and some extra virgin olive oil. She could then mix all of these together and then spread it on the inside of the other half of the baguette.

In another bowl she could toss together the diced roma tomatoes with chopped queso blanco or crumbled feta, tear the fresh basil and add this, and drizzle a bit of olive oil. She could then pack this into the first baguette half.

Now is the time for salt and pepper, if she wants some.

Then she could put the two parts of the baguette back together and place on a sheet of tinfoil. Now she could smash the sandwich down with the side of her fist or a rolling pin. Then she could just put it in the refrigerator. If she has some heavy things in there like jars of peanut butter or a water pitcher she could put them on top of the sandwich.

That's all there is to it.

Now, if this sandwich is too big, she could use a demi-baguette or a crusty panini. Or she could give half of it to her boss. This would be a good thing to do. Perhaps then her boss would be nice and let ideath work in a room that has a window (which seems only fair because I think the place makes window frames).

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