Your massive sandwich grants you +2 to AC!

To make an immortal sandwich you will need:

  1. A Tomato
  2. Two slices of bread
  3. An avocado
  4. Fresh Mozzarella (preferably in large balls)
  5. Fresh Basil (thanks, tdent)
  6. Some truffle oil (optional)
Slice the tomato into several medium sized slices, and set aside. Cut the avocado in half length wise and separate the pit from the flesh. Cut a few slices of avocado, be sure to separate the skin as well. Save any unused portion of the avocado for later (make some guacamole). Slice a few pieces of Mozzarella from the ball of cheese. Slap everything together in any type of arrangement on one slice of bread, don't forget to add the basil. If you have any truffle oil, drizzle a little bit on top (be careful not to over do it, that stuff is expensive!). Complete the sandwich by placing the other piece of bread on top. Enjoy!

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