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Ingredients Method
  1. Take out your Planet Earth.
  2. Pick a pair of antipodal points on its surface.
  3. Apply one slice of bread simultaneously to each.
          ,agd888b,_ "Y8, ___`""Ybga,
       ,gdP""88888888baa,.""8b    "888g,
     ,dP"     ]888888888P'  "Y     `888Yb,
   ,dP"      ,88888888P"  db,       "8P""Yb,
  ,8"       ,888888888b, d8888a           "8,
 ,8'        d88888888888,88P"' a,          `8,
,8'         88888888888888PP"  ""           `8,
d'          I88888888888P"                   `b
8           `8"88P""Y8P'                      8
8            Y 8[  _ "                        8
8              "Y8d8b  "Y a                   8
8                 `""8d,   __                 8
Y,                    `"8bd888b,             ,P
`8,                     ,d8888888baaa       ,8'
 `8,                    888888888888'      ,8'
  `8a                   "8888888888I      a8'
   `Yba                  `Y8888888P'    adP'
     "Yba                 `888888P'   adY"
       `"Yba,             d8888P" ,adP"'  
          `"Y8baa,      ,d888P,ad8P"'           
The Storied History of the Earth Sandwich

In May 2006, Ze Frank invented the earth sandwich during an episode of his video blog The Show, encouraging his listeners to band together to achieve this culinary first. After a number of failed attempts, the first successful sandwich consisted of baguettes placed at antipodal points in Spain and New Zealand.

The concept of the earth sandwich was taken without attribution and described at length in Douglas Coupland's novel Generation A. Ze Frank, who had given Coupland permission to use it with a footnote only, was understandably less than pleased.

For more information and "making of" video footage on the inaugural earth sandwich, Frank has a page on his website devoted to the phenomenon.

Mathlete says re Earth sandwich: I guess an earth ice cream cone wouldn't be as impressive?

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