This is when your sitting at home and by some sick twist of fate, you find the only thing you can think of is that large bottle of robitussin in your medicine cabinet. So the only logical thing to do is drink it all. You are guaranteed to have a priceless night. First off, it tastes like ass, and second, it makes your stomach feel like its filled with non-digestible jello. After about 20 minutes you start to feel a difference, you can touch things, including yourself but it will feel weird, and even delayed, almost like your skin is an inch thicker, but more sensitive. Then it starts to hit you, you feel like a zombie, when you walk you dont even know or feel your walking, its like your floating. i tried to jump but nothing happened, then 5 seconds later i felt it. i was not surprised. it felt like my body had a buffer, and everything had to be filtered and processed and then routed certain parts of me worked faster than others. Then things went wrong. Rule #1 of drinking robitussin due to complete boredom.
Make sure it does not contain guaifenesin.
I knew this before drinking it, yet i was so set on drinking it i didnt bother to read the label to check. guaifenesin, in big enough quantities (bottle of Robitussin sized quantities that is..) will make you vomit, everywhere and for many hours. While vomiting in my toilet bowl, every time i regurgitated it was the most intense feeling i have ever felt, it felt like i was moving forward at insane speeds, but only during regurgitation. i then sat for aproximately 6 hours on my couch watching funked up winamp plugins go to some progressive house, but i found that it sounded better wearing those giant ear cover things people wear when guiding plane traffic. For some reason they were in my closet. But i could still hear the music, kinda a beauty through being subtle/muffled type of deal. All in all i had a good time except my eyes were all bugged out for the whole next day, and i was twitching. I guess thats the price you pay...
When I was a wee lad of about 6 years, I had a nasty sniffle and cough from the Big Storm in Brooklyn (back in the 1960's). My Mom kept giving me a teaspoon full of cough syrup, but it helped for about an hour, after which I returned to hacking up a lung for five. I got so pissed off at spewing lung butter that I took the bottle and downed about three-quarters of it.

It had a decent percentile of alcohol, and I ended up getting very buzzed and drunk. I started slurring my words, and my Mom freaked out because she thought I had a stroke. After she had me bundled up to rush to the hospital, I finally got through to her that I drank the cough syrup, and I began to laugh that crazy drunken laugh that can only end with you peeing your pants, which I proceeded to do.

Aside from the one time I did it on purpose to see what it was like, that was the only time I ever got drunk.

Drinking Robitussin is one of the easiest ways to get high on DXM, or Dextromethorphan, an expectorant (it makes you stop coughing) and moderatehallucinogen. It is often described as being very much like PCP and at the same time very much not. Drinking large amounts of cough medicine is also one of the best ways to get dead as most contain enough guaifenesin, acetaminophen, or pseudoephedrine to kill those people that try to down a whole bottle.
I've tried it twice. Your legs feel like they're attached to the floor and you get that very special feeling that you are not special, you have no destiny, and someday, just like everybody else, you are going to die.

I read the faq, did my research, and am now experiencing a very nice first plateau dxm trip. I feel detached from everything, and yet very nice. Everything I type seems to require next to no thought in advance. I'm amazed by how easy this was, and by how such a tiny amount of cough syrup can be such an interesting psychedelic. It'd be unbelievably easy to do this just on accident. I'm kind of not sure what I should do now, though. It's been about an hour since I typed the last sentence. You must NEVER drive under the influence of DXM. If you feel nauseous, tell yourself that you are not, many many times. If it persists, go to the bathroom, stand in the stall, place your hands on your knees and lean forward. Pull your pants and boxers down to give others the impression that you are actually using the restroom. If you can urinate or defecate, that is definitely a bonus. I only use those terms because there's this sticker in the bathroom stall I was just in that said "Stop! Please do not defecate in the rest room." Anyway, DXM makes it very easy to write lots and lots and lots... I've filled up two eight and a half by eleven inch pieces of paper with random thoughts that I can't remember right now. Just like in A Study on the Effects of THC, all my sentences seem to make good grammatical sense... that's a plus. Let's see, THC, DXM... that make only 20 letters left for me to abuse. I completely forgot that I left winamp running from over an hour ago. Good heavens, Weekend Update is horrible these days. Let me suggest that you not follow in my footsteps and write your random DXM-induced thoughts here, because they are likely not very interesting. I was sweating quite a bit earlier in the bathroom, but the whole time I knew that my plan to keep from throwing up would work, and so it did. I'm going to try to play FF7 again... hopefully it won't overheat me like it did last time. The biggest problem is the effects of prolonged headphone use. Yeah, walking is a *huge* fucking pain in the ass.

I am very glad that I read the write-up above before drinking the cough syrup; I'd really, really hate to be throwing up right now. Of course, I never would have tried it in the first place if I hadn't read the write-up. Anyway, a bottle of Robitussin Maximum Strength is 4 oz containing 360 mg of DXM, which is plenty, take my word for it. Every once in a while, my two eyes will disagree, and be unable to resolve a picture, and I'll be able to see better with just one eye open. Everything's shaking a little bit, still. Remember Olney's lesions, because even though this is pretty fun, it sucks to have brain damage. But what am I telling you for? You're sober (probably). I always wonder whether or not my roommate knows that I'm not sober. He just sits in front of his computer all the time... is he aware that my actions are abnormal when I lean on the doorknob for support as I exit the room or change positions in bed every 120 seconds? I feel slightly compressed right now. My biggest fear is being overloaded. My greatest prayer is that my roommate will leave. Listening to music sounds like there's an unbelievable signal-to-noise ratio, but I'm able to zero in and hear the actual music. I had no idea my left foot was so close to the large order of fries from Carl's Jr. that I find myself unable to eat. The big question is: how much of this will I remember tomorrow?

Please note: the next day, your hands will be sweaty and the sun will be very bright

A few weeks ago my older brother was talking about Robitussin, this of course got me interested. So I have been reading up on DXM. The DXM faq,'s DXM vault, and writeups on E2 about DXM

I intended to try DXM over the previous weekend, but circumstances conspired against it. However the administration at my school decided that the teachers should have a few hours of meetings on Wednesday. Therefore I was left with the prerequisite free time to experiment with drugs.

Getting the robitussin was the most work I have had to do to get drugs in a long time. I live in a rural town where the nearest store that sells robitussin is about two miles away from my house. This becomes more of a problem when you factor in my lack of both driver's license and car.

I decided to bike to save time. As the final event in a long string of crushing defeats I discovered that six of the seven bikes in my garage are either much too small for me or have no air in their tires. The final bike was a mountain bike that was only slightly too small for me. A few moments to get money and I was off like a shot.

I got the Robitussin without further incident. I returned home with both my prize and a new understanding of how out of shape I am.

After logging on to for some dosing advice, I took 115ml of Robitussin. For me this is 6 mg/kg. I was hoping to get a nice second plateau trip. However I proved to be more resistant to DXM than most people. This is no huge shock as I often have a fairly high tolerance to drugs. The most common complaint I read about DXM was the awful taste of the cough syrup that you have to drink to get it. I had almost no trouble drinking the syrup. It had a bit of an overpowering mint taste, but other than that I had almost no problem with it.

I decided to record my experience as it happened in the daylogs. By the time I finished the initial writeup I was starting to feel some mild effects. I put a techno playlist on Winamp and then relaxed.

Shortly the DXM was in full swing and I started to feel drunk. Not really drunk, but I had the uncoordinated, slow movement that I get when I have been drinking. It was almost as if I gave orders to my body and it followed them to the best of it's ability. I got a good taste of the euphoria that DXM can cause. The next effect I noticed was a distorted sense of time. Almost an hour passed without me noticing.

At this point I had begun to feel the psychosomatic effects that DXM has. When I lay down on the floor, I would instantaneously get tired and start to fall asleep. However when I was standing and moving I was very energetic. To use up some of my now excessive energy I decided to practice with my sword. It is a Roman Gladius, about two and a half feet long and quite heavy. I found I could swing it with almost no effort.

At this point I was getting hungry, so I went downstairs and made myself a small snack. I discovered two things on the way. First music plays a very big part in the trip, at least on the lower plateaus. My mood was much less energetic without the background music. Second is that my sense of taste was almost completely gone. The food I had tasted like cardboard.

At this point looking at my computer's monitor had become unpleasant, so I decided to try a few other things. I went for a walk - mostly uneventful, and I watched some TV. Cartoons proved to be quite interesting.

The comedown was gradual and I hardly noticed when I was back to my normal self.

And so ended my first DXM trip, not with a bang, but a whimper.

I had a blast trying DXM and I hope to do it again, mabye in a week or two. For me the worst part of trying it was the bike ride to get it. I would recomend trying it if you think you might enjoy it, but be careful to know what you are getting into. I am sure my trip would have been very different for someone who is not very tolerant to drugs.

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