A mountain bike is a bicycle that is designed to be ridden off-road. They are a relatively recent addition to the world of cycling and represent it's largest and fastest growing segment.

There are many different types of mountain bikes, including hard tail, full suspension, freeride, trials, and even some cruisers. They are made by many different companies, like Kona, Rocky Mountain, and Norco.

Mountain bike = freedom!

Forget the technical details (although I love the technical details). A mountain bike will get you just about everywhere where you need to go, with a minimal amount of environmental damage.

Get yourself a mountain bike (and a helmet) and get out there.

A mountain bike is an excellent investment for anyone on a low income. It provides transportation, exercise and excitement. Transportation is obvious - you can use it on your commute to work; in a city with even moderate traffic, it can be faster than cars, as you can ride in the space between car + curb, or on the sidewalk, when cars are stopped at lights. Exercise is also obvious: with each ride, you're one step closer to having the calves of Hercules. But the best of all is the excitement: on your commute, dodging traffic is a thrill which can only be bettered by barreling down a path through the woods in a city park at ludicrous speed.

Best of all, once you've made the initial purchase, using your mountain bike is essentially free: the only cost will be food to fuel yourself (and miscellaneous repair costs, of course).

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