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The Norco Factory Trials Team is Canada's best and most famous bicycle trials team. Bicycle trials, also known as observed trials or trialsin is a type of technical riding involving riding over obstacles, such as cars, boulders, benches, etc. Scoring is based on dabs, that is putting your foot down. Trials, when watched regularly appears to violate basic laws of physics and is damn fun too.

Norco's trials team is made up of some of the best technical riders in Canada. BTW, I hope to be a member someday. It's members are, as of 2002:

Ryan Leech (www.ryanleech.com), 23, has been riding for 9 years and has been sponsored for 5. He's from North Delta, B.C. (it's near Vancouver), rides BMX, dirt jumping and good old mountain biking. He's also an instructor for the West Coast School of Mountain Biking and did a stint in Cirque du Soleil at Disney World.

Kris Holm, the worlds only professional mountain unicyclist. Has appeared in such films as Unizaba, Skilletto, and one of the Kranked movies, Kranked III - Ride Against the Machine. I've also seen him in Unizaba, described in the Kris Holm node. This guy is amazing.

Ryan Senechal (www.surenet.net/~ryan/), 19, is one of the few trials riders in Eastern Canada, hailing from Toronto (my home). Although young he competes often and does trials demos, such as a (fairly) recent one at the Air Canada Center during a Toronto Raptors game.

I don't really know as much about the other riders on the Norco Team, but their names are Robin Coope, Greg Forrest, Nelson Papel, Tony Edgar, Shawn Denny, and as a backup rider and announcer for the Eastern wing, Mike Geveart.

Sources: Norco Factory Trials Team (www.norco.com/team/index.htm/), www.trials-online.com, and the sites listed above.

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