My hair is too long to leave down. It is too long to put up comfortably. And yet I refuse to cut it. But I have developed a method which eliminates all hassle from doing my hair. I simply tie it in a knot when wearing it down is no longer possible due to environmental interferences. The process takes about six seconds, and is very effective. The knot has no need of hair things or rubber bands to hold it in place, and it holds comfortably on the top of my head for about fifteen minutes when hair is dry, or all day if hair is wet.

I have often tried to explain this process to my friends, family and several customers at work who see me do it. No one seems to understand. If you are curious as to the exact mechanics of the process, please read the following instructions.

A ten step instruction guide

  1. Let hair grow to the necessary length. This should take between three and eight years, depending on the current length of your hair. Once it reaches well below your waist, you are set to continue.

  2. Rake fingers through hair to make a ponytail on the back of your head. Hold in place tightly with left hand.

  3. Take hold of hair halfway down ponytail with right hand. Stretch hair between two hands into a tight line.

  4. Wrap hair clockwise around left hand until ponytail rests in your palm. Grab hold of it once again.

  5. Twist your left hand counterclockwise until hair has formed a loop. Continue to hold tightly.

  6. Spread fingers of left hand and grab ponytail right above where your right hand has been holding it. I usually bend my neck slightly to avoid too much pressure from holding so tightly.

  7. Release the ponytail with right hand only. Continue holding tightly with left.

  8. With your right hand, grab the loop of hair crossing the backs of the knuckles of your left hand.

  9. Pull up with your left hand, and down with your right.

  10. Be sure knot is secure. Now you're done!

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