I never argued with my mom, I merely accepted that she was wrong and moved on.

She, unwilling to relinguish her perceived hold on the authority, would speak articulately but irrelevantly and in an increasingly wandering manner when trying to convince me that I should allow her to apply sanctions to my actions.

I, unwilling to respect and often even acknowledge faulty debate in an inbalanced power framework, would keep up business as usual, which increasingly became avoid parents at all costs, since it hurts them terribly to see that they can't control me.

This gave rise to a whole slew of attendant problems which aren't really within the scope of this node.

Being single

My poor mother once cornered me after I had got drunk with my sister and ask why I hadn't found a nice girl. Being drunk I answered "I don't want a nice girl I want one that will fuck on a first date".

She hasn't asked that since. I feel ashamed.

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