I used to hate the idea of Faith. It seemed to me blind, unquestioning belief in something unprovable that, well, had a tendency to cause Holy Wars. Ick. That is, until I found mine.

Suddenly I get it. Faith is a forced step back from the sum total of our Earthly situation...it is a story that you can use to guide you from an imagined outside perspective. You can use somebody else's story if you like it, or you can find your own, like I did. Man, the day I got my story was amazing. Er...I guess that's been said before, though, hasn't it? "Amazing Grace....The hour I first believed..." Weird.

Anyway, they're all made-up, but for the purpose I have discovered Faith has, these stories are as real as they need to be. They allow anybody who believes in them to look at life from an idealistic, overhead view of their choice. If you find a Faith you like and stick to it, it makes making decisions one Hell of a lot easier.

And that's what I figured out about Faith.

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