Science is the communication of testable models of repetable experience.

'Reality' is completely unnecessary for the models created by science

Like the 'real' reality in The Matrix, or the 'noumeal' reality posited by Kant, once you add one extra layer of 'real' reality, why not add an infinte number? Why have any at all? The tests of repeatability and faslsifiability for hypotheses avoids pure phenomenology or solipsism which most people offer as a reason for the concept of reality.

The function of such a concept is for easing communication about our models...but it is unprovable, and unnecessary.

All people have a basic faith in their memory, which allows us to create models for understanding our experiences, but like belief in God, the belief in an objective Universe is completely unprovable, because all evidence can only be more experience - there is no way to falsify the notion, or prove it. This type of concept is known as an untestable hypothesis

This verbose craziness brought to you at the hands of the Freelance Nodeshell Rescue Team

You didn't want it, and I wanted what you wanted.
We're in your car with music screaming out the speakers. I think the lyrics are angry, but I don't think it mattered because the sound drowned into the background. The windows are down and cold air filled my lungs, but I gripped the bottle of cheap vodka you snuck from your dad's dresser and took a big swing as you sped on the highway 85 miles an hour.
The taste warmed my throat as I glanced out the window. Wind whipped my hair into a tossled mess on my head. I giggled as I saw blurs of street lamps and road signs that passed my vision.
I turned in my seat to look at you. Your eyes lit up with bright green, and long, brown strands of your bangs swept over your cheek. I felt weak when I saw you grin at my direction. You planted a quick kiss on my lips and snagged the bottle from my hands. You laughed after you swallowed a mouthful of vodka.
My fingers itched to touch your face for some reason. I guess you sensed my intentions because you turned your attention to my face and smiled. You mouthed words that I couldn't comprehend. My eyes mirrored confusion.
There was sudden light penetrating through the windshield and I stared in shock at the incoming headlights that sounded a long horn.
You reacted quickly and I felt the car swerved and jerked. Then came the final impact, making my head connect to the car door.


I woke up from the hospital with an IV bag attached to my arm. I blinked my eyes open until everything came into focus, but I heard words being exchanged. A doctor spoke to my parents in a hushed tone and I listened with my breath held in.

A crash.
Heavy damage.
Caleb forgot his seatbelt.
Broken bones and blood.
Caleb's dead.

Baby didn't make it.
Such a shame.

I kept my eyes shut and somehow saw you in the car mouthing out "Let's keep it. I'll love you both."

It's too late now. I lost you and I lost our baby.

----Note: I felt inspired by a friend and this story is for her.]

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