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I was in my house. It was Christmas. We were celebrating, when all of a sudden our cat, Misty, started crying and generally being the nuisance he always is. Strangely, when I walked into the kitchen I found that he had given birth to four kittens. This is strange for two reasons because:

  1. The kittens, even though they had just been born, could already see and walk quite well.
  2. We had previously thought that Misty was a male, and had fixed him as such.

A few days later, the air raid warning sirens went off. We were going to be bombed, so we all rushed into the basement, the only place where we would be safe. We all got down there and I remembered two things: We were at war against an inhuman enemy, who raped and pillaged and tortured for fun, and that the kittens were around somewhere. I looked and looked but couldn't find them. Finally I asked a few people they'd seen the kittens around, and then I came to my father, and asked him. He didn't say anything, just brushed me off and went on working, getting ready for the bombs to fall. His silence said all I needed to know. He had killed my kittens. I knew why he did it too: It was wartime and we had no way of sustaining any extra life beyond our own, and the friends who were staying with us. To take my mind off of the horrible hunger that came between breakfast and supper, (we had done away with lunch, and drank only water which we got from the snow outside) I had taken to reading the classics: Dickens, Wilde, Hardy etc... I know he had to do it all the same, but the fact that didn't tell me about it, just made me more angry I tried to get him to respond to my accusations. I was yelling, crying, screaming at him, when the bombs started to fall...

I went off into my corner, and sat down organizing my suitcase full of books. There were 15 explosions in all.

After the commotion had ended, my father went upstairs to survey the damage. He then came downstairs and told us we had to leave, leave everything behind and get going. Where, I didn't know, but it would become all to clear in a moment. So I decided I would take one book. I asked Neil what book I should bring, and we decided upon "The Brothers Karamazov" by Dostoyevsky. When we got upstairs, there were two Russian Lieutenants telling us the war was over, and we had lost. I knew they were Russian because they were dressed in the same military uniforms I had seen so many times in James Bond movies. We were going to be taken to an internment camp. I was scared, I kept thinking "...at least I'll be with people I know..." , and usually this thought would comfort me, but it didn't this time. I turned off everything so I could say goodbye to the house I had lived in all my life....

When I was brought back, I was told we weren't leaving. My father had taken a chance, and saved our lives. He had this feeling that the Lieutenants were lying, he risked everything, and gained our freedom. Apparently their bomber had been shot down, and crashed outside our house. They thought with hostages they could make it back to Russian occupied Alaska. As it was, I watched them walk out of out house, and away, into the frozen wasteland that is a Canadian winter.

Some guy says he had a clock for sale for $5. I goes: "I'll give you $4 even without seeing it beforehand." The guy considers this for a wee second and then nods: "Very well."

He shows me the place and it turns out that the clock is still in use hanging on the wall outside of the summer cottage. But it is so high that I need ladders to get it down. There was third man listening to us and he says that he has ladders to rent and it'll cost "just" $115.
The amount of money is obviously a joke but he's serious about money i.e. he won't give ladders for free but my mum who had heard this is all doesn't give a shit and simply takes the ladders and takes few steps towards the clock but eventually gives up and points me to do the job.

I take a hammer and climb up pulling out two nails and a piece of wood. When finished, I throw the hammer over my shoulder, drop the nails and I take the piece of wood and the clock down with me.

My dad arrives speaking some nonsense and it seems like he's bit drunk but. I look for the hammer on the grass where I thought I threw it but I cannot find it.
Mum is not all pleased with dad's behaviour but I start to think there's not everything right with him. And yes, suddenly his face goes all red and he losts the ability to speak ay meaningful words - it's just complete gibberish coming out of his mouth. He staggers dangerously and is about to fall down the rocky stairs. I feel extremely scared for his condition and I shout: "DAD!" trying to get my hands on him. But in this point he somehow recognizes his own condition and the observation scares the shit out off him: He runs away and I'm after him but it seems like he's faster..

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