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The name comes from a corruption of "dry as a bone", a driza-bone is an Australian oilskin raincoat.

Driza-bones have been made in Australia for at least 100 years, and have established themselves as traditional outback gear. The typical coat is designed for horseback, with a broad pleated split in the back and straps to go about the shins. They gained a lot of popularity through their appearance in the movie The Man from Snowy River.

I had long thought that a driza-bone was made of leather, so when I discovered it wasn't, I asked the assistant in the Sydney Gowings how durable it was. He replied by pointing out the display coat and saying, "that one was made in 1920."

The fabric is a tough cotton impregnated with oil. The care instructions can be summarised as "take out the back and hose it down every couple of years, and she'll be right". A driza-bone improves with age.

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