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Drumbeg is a small settlement about 10 miles South West of Belfast in Northern Ireland, nestling in the valley of the Lagan river. It has about 1000 residents, although that figure is somewhat difficult to guess due to its somewhat strange geographical layout.
At the geographical centre of Drumbeg is a small primary school called "Charlie Memorial" which is just over 100 years old (2001) and currently has 83 attending students. Next to the school is a pub called "Robert Stewart spirit grocers", or "Bob Stewart's" as it's known locally. There are few houses near these amenities, instead the main areas of settlement are separated by about half a mile to the South and West. These two developments lie along the Drumbeg and Ballyskeagh roads respectively.

The area is ideally located for people working in Belfast, who would like to live close to the country. Green fields are all around and there are many pleasant walks beside the river and in the nearby Lady Dixon Park.
Growing up in Drumbeg, out of the centre of Belfast, however is not to be advised. Public transport consists of an unreliable bus three times per day, and travel in the evening is impossible without getting a lift from your parents. A taxi to the city-centre costs approximately 6 pounds.
The name Drumbeg comes from two Irish words "drum" (hill) and "beg" (little). So there you have it!

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