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The tiny town of Dubois, WY, is in the middle of nowhere in the least populated state in the continental United States. It's a very old town, and it's one of the few remaining locations that still have original Western buildings from the 1800's. If you ever wanted to know what a typical town in the old wild west looked like, you should take a trip to Dubois. In fact, tourism is the biggest industry. The town doubles in size from the usual thousand residents during the summer vacation period.

One good thing about the remote location is that it is on a road that feeds into Yellowstone National Park. There is a lot of highway traffic and it is positioned in a good spot to stop, fill up with petrol, and have some lunch. In fact, this is how I discovered the town. Twisted_Missus and I were traveling to a convention from Denver, Colorado to Spokane, Washington, so we decided to see Yellowstone. Once I found out that Dubois was on the way, I made arrangements to stay in an old inn for a couple of days. We took plenty of pictures and even attended a local writing group's first meeting. It's a quiet location filled with history, and I use some of my knowledge when I write Western novels.

It turns out that Butch Cassidy lived on a ranch outside of town. He used to visit the town store, which is still around. Across the street is a gigantic rock that looks like a mine entrance. It turns out that the general store kept their beer in an underground storage facility to keep it cool during the summer. 

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