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Graffiti on underpass supports on the way into Northampton, written like Burma-Shave jingles, one word at a time. It's part of the ongoing war on the war on drugs that several local activists have taken a shine to recently with fliers and similar graffiti.

However, it's also a Cheviomega song.

Very dumb
You know i can't deny it
i'm speechless
my mother said it too

Dumb, Dumb,
Dumb. Very dumb.
I never was as smart as you
you always liked you better
my mother liked you too.

i guess i have no excuse.
i guess i have no complaint.

I had one of their fliers hanging at my desk at work: it's got handcuffs on one side and says Freedom Fighters of America. It certainly gets second looks.

I find myself, in conversation with myself, singing this ditty as i judge my own days, actions, words, decisions. I catch a slip-up - how Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Very dumb.

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