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Dunkelzahn (???? - 2057)

From his first appearance in Denver on January 27th, 2012, to his mysterious death on August 9th, 2057, Dunkelzahn is a dragon that has captivated the world and attracted media attention like no other living being in this 21st century.

After the terrible year of 2011, which saw the emergence of magic, the first metahumans and the reshaping of the very Earth, the world would have certainly been plunged into chaos if it hadn't been for Dunkelzahn and his historic 12 hours 16 minutes interview with Holly Brighton - in which he revealed what was happening and what was to come. This wouldn't be the wyrm's only experience with mass-media, however, as the future would prove.

Here it should be noted that The Big D (as he was affectionately known) could not talk. The mean of communication available to him is a form of telepathy shared by other dracoforms - something which is unsuited to tridcasting. Throughout his public life, he had three interpreters, who acted as his voice: John Timmons, from the original 2011 interview to his untimely death in 2022, Terri Ann Riberio, from 2028 to 2039 when she left to pursue an acting career, and Nadja Daviar, an Eastern European elf - who is now the Executor of the wyrm's Will.

From 2011 to 2042, Dunkelzahn gave infrequent interviews to Holly Brighton - including a few weird episodes between 2022 and 2028, when the lack of an interpreter led to one sided interviews. After Brighton's retirement in 2042, the great wyrm launched a semi-annual talk show named Wyrm Talk.

In 2056, Dunkelzahn was the very first non-homo sapiens being to be granted full UCAS citizenship under the special clause of the 14th Amendment. In early 2057, when the '56 presidential elections were revealed to be rigged and a new election was called for, the Big D surprised the world by announcing his intention to run for President - with Kyle Haeffner for VP. Under the slogan "A new golden age", the dragon put his formidable ressources to good use, and on August 7th, 2057, was elected President of the UCAS by a narrow margin.

This did not please everybody, however, and right after his inauguration party two days later, the beloved Dragon was assassinated when his limousine exploded. The explosion was seemingly self-contained, however, and led many to question what had actually happened - was it a result of magic - or perhaps, as some suggest, Dunkelzahn in his death throes still had enough power to contain whatever killed him? No one knows for sure - but all attempts to investigate the peculiar astral rift left behind have failed - the mages who tried end up insane - or dead.

>>>>>[Big D is so not dead, chummers. He's sippin' coladas in the Carib with the ghost of Elvis.]<<<<<<
              -novasoy <21:40:26/11-03-2063>

But even after his death, the great Wyrm still has a gripping influence on us - in the form of his testament. The Draco Foundation, directed by Nadja Daviar, was set up to his execute his peculiar Will, which greatly upset the power plays of the various Megacorporations, by throwing smaller player into the fray and even destroying Fuchi Industrial Electronics!

Truly, Dunkelzahn was a Dragon like no other, and his disappearance has left an empty spot in every UCAS citizen's heart. His are shoes that won't be filled easily.

This is a tidbit of Shadowrun history. I'm thinking of letting people shadowtalk it - if you would like to add a shadowtalk-style comment, msg me. I'll add your name and a timestamp and everything ;).

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