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Dupre (aka Sir Dupre) is one of the three companions that followed Lord British the Avatar from Earth to the world of Britannia. The other two companions of the Avatar are Iolo and Shamino.

Dupre is a paladin and given to strong drink. You can usually find him in the town of Trinsic doing research on the local taverns.

Dupre was introduced to Ultima gamers way back in Ultima IV. However, he is no more. He met a heroic end in Ultima VII when he sacrificed himself to save the Avatar.

Most of the major characters in Ultima are based on creator Richard Garriott's role playing buddies and friends from high school. For example, Iolo is based on Garriot's friend David Watson. Shamino is a younger version of Garriot. Lord British is an older version of Garriott. The Real LifeTM incarnation of Dupre is Greg Dykes. Greg is apparently a carpenter friend who built Garriott's house. Like Dupre, Greg is always itching to wind up his work and get to a bar.

Dupre is also a character in steampunk Ultima game Martian Dreams. He's called Greg Duprey.

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