E2 is unfriendly to new noders! E2 is unfriendly to old noders! WTH is going on!!!! ARGH!!!

/me runs behind Lometa and buries head beneath a pillow


What is wrong with you guys all fighting?! This is displeasing to mine eyes!!

/me pulls up my feet higher onto my fence to avoid the battle raging beneath

please stop... both sides are right, you just don't see it. and both are also WRONG!

look at this new noder/ old noder war of words. YIKES! I expected better of you OLDTIMERS!, I expect newbies to rant. Hell, I'm ONE of them... but not you oldsters to react. HELLO!.. "Writeup does NOT mean Reply"!...Write that now 100 times...
NEWBIES....STOP the ranting!...The appearance of unfriendliness here is deceiving. It is based on what you bring into it. Your perceptions of yourself, and your reactions. How profound is that? If you think you are not worthy of notice, you will feel resentful if you aren't noticed. It has nothing to do with what is ACTUALLY going on. Really. I should know.THIS was my reaction to the msgs I received from one of the oldsters. I felt treated like a child, ergo, I acted like one. It was based on my false perceptions.


Newbie gently probes the nodegel.
Oldtimer offers redirection
Newbie perceives SMACK instead
Oldtimer prods newbie into greener nodegel
Newbie perceives "bad newbie, bad newbie!"
Newbie reacts negatively
Oldtimer perceives lack of respect
*EDB pauses for meal*
*EDB says meal was tasty*
NEWBIE becomes frustrated.
Oldster digs in heels with more anger and disdain.(disgruntled parent)
Newbie digs in heels with more rants and tantrums(terrible twos)

see the vicious cycle? So...here's the deal...

Have you ANY clue how many people node here? No? I thought not. FORGET the damn rep and how good you are or not already! Don't expect people to find you yet. You are NEW. You will be noticed soon enough! Write what you know. Add your experiences! SHARE! Show respect for everyone else here. I, for one, tend to avoid nodes about oh ... for example... masturbation...vibrators.....and profanity...they scream to me... PAY ATTENTION TO ME!... I don't like that. It's just a shock value tool. A gimmick. But that is just me. Others LIKE shock value. Your nodes will be stumbled upon! TRULY! When I find ONE that I like, I go and look through the other nodes of that ONE writer. If you are good, I TELL YOU SO, because I've NOTICED! Be patient young nodeling, your time will come. If you want FRIENDLY than dammit, BE FRIENDLY!!! Msg others for input. Tell them when they've done well. Be a good group member, it's not all about YOU YOU YOU! Respect the ones volunteering their time to help you out. They've earned it. They have a right to it.

Are you done writing yet? 100 times! I'm still waiting..... Here's the thing... Don't respond to rants. Don't get caught up in the cycle. It's your job to steer and not take rants personally.. Newbies don't know any better. Lend your wisdom. Make sure you TELL newbie what was wrong with the writeup...(If I see (so and so) msg me... "read FAQ"... with NO further info on what is wrong with my piece ONE MORE TIME...I swear I will fill up (so and so's) message box with really bad groaner jokes!)... Share your experience. Guide the newbie. One more thing...Don't respond to rants! It is the same in EVERY community group. I'm an oldster in another online community. Newbie in this one here. I see both sides. Spread good will and you will get it back. simple eh?

so QUIT FIGHTING! You keep hitting my feet and distracting me from my noding!

Don't make me come off my fence and lay the smack down on you!

On another note...the chatterbox talked to me in Hal's voice today. It thinks my name is DAVE! The chatterbox has gone crazy! Or maybe I'm just hearing things?

AH!!! E2 has gone crazy!!!

/me goes to spread more good cheer and compliments to fellow noders hoping that that will remove the bad taste in the mouth.

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