Electroluminescent wire is a thin and flexible coaxial wire which, when properly stimulated, lights up like neon. It is sort of like those necklaces made with the juice from glow sticks, only much brighter; also it doesn't die in 8 hours and you can get some varieties that change color a little bit based on the frequency of stimulation.

Bright stimulation: 200 V AC at 1200-4000 Hz, very few milliamps.

It is becoming popular in signs and at raves and such; although available at Wal-mart and car audio shops, several burning man regulars have become dealers to get bulk pricing for the masses.

Sequencers are useful for animations and such: pretty much all the tricks of neon apply.

Yes...you can plug it into the wall. Much wiser is a low current battery-operated inverter like the ones sold by the livewire / coolight / ELwire .coms so you can go wireless and LOW current.

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