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The art of constructing, maintaining, and otherwise dealing with coat of arms. The language used to describe coats of arms is called blazon while the images described are called an emblazon.

Ar"mo*ry (&?;), n.; pl. Armories (&?;). [OF. armaire, armarie, F. armoire, fr. L. armarium place for keeping arms; but confused with F. armoiries. See Armorial, Ambry.]


A place where arms and instruments of war are deposited for safe keeping.


Armor; defensive and offensive arms.

Celestial armory, shields, helms, and spears.


A manufactory of arms, as rifles, muskets, pistols, bayonets, swords. [U.S.]


Ensigns armorial; armorial bearings. Spenser.


That branch of heraldry which treats of coat armor.

The science of heraldry, or, more justly speaking, armory, which is but one branch of heraldry, is, without doubt, of very ancient origin.


© Webster 1913

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