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Eagle Talon was jointly produced by Chrysler and Mitsubishi (see DSM), and first released in 1990. It had similar appearance and technical specs to Mitsubishi Eclipse and Plymouth Laser.

The car came in several trims: two front wheel drive models and one all wheel drive. All -wheel drive model was powered by a Turbocharged 2.0L DOHC 4 cylinder engine clocking at 190HP (TSi AWD). Front-wheel drive models came either with a same engine set up as TSi AWD (called TSi) or without a turbocharger with engine having 135 horses. Base version could be ordered with either automatic or manual transmission. TSi models came with manual only. (In 1991 automatic transmission and anti-lock brakes become available in all Talon models. In 1993 a DL model was added to the Talon lineup. With a 1.8litre engine it could only produce 92HP. )

In 1994 Eagle's Talon model was completely redesigned. Performance was increased, and better styling introduced. The new Talons were 1.6 inches longer in wheelbase and 1.6" wider, though a tad shorter. Dual airbags and four wheel disc brakes became standard options. Anti-lock brakes - optional. As in original lineup three models were introduced: ESi, TSi, and TSi AWD. New 2.0L 4 Cylinder Chrylser engine provided 140 HP in base ESi, and 210 in turbocharged TSis.

No further changes were introduced to the Talon model. In 1998 the Eagle division was disbanded and the Talons discontinued.

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