1. American automobile manufacturer, now part of DaimlerChrysler Formerly the Chrysler Corporation, founded in 1925 by Walter Chrysler.

    Chrysler innovations include the hemispheric combustion chamber V-8 engine, the Hemi. Lee Iacocca saved Chrysler from crisis and bankruptcy in the late 70s, and the company rode the K-car back to profitability. The success of the K-car let Chrysler repay all of its the government loans. Chrysler is also responsible for the minivan concept.

    The company has also made tanks, AA guns and produced the Saturn series of space rocket boosters.

  2. Brand of car made by DaimlerChrysler. Chrysler also makes Dodge (squealing brakes) and made Plymouth (bad transmissions) vehicles. Or is it the other way around? The Plymouth brand has recently been retired, but the Dodge brand was kept for the successful truck line.

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