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West London borough usually described as "leafy" (which may either refer to the number of trees, or the local custom of smoking, well, uh, controlled substances). Home of a few fine pubs and many excellent curry houses. In addition Uxbridge Road contains a very fine 7-11 to satisfy your Ribena and English cigarette cravings. In 1995 a homeless man with a magnificent growth on his head would stand outside the 7-11 talking complete nonsense. The 7-11 also sold Boddingtons, the cream of Manchester, which is a very fine drink indeed. A Nandos chicken place next to the Ealing Common tube stop. Two major train crashes took place near Ealing in the late 1990's. Also a bomb taken off the tracks near Ealing Broadway recently. Zayka on South Ealing Road has incredible Indian food. It snowed in Ealing during the winter of 1995, and then I had to come home.

One of the London boroughs, covering the areas of Ealing, Acton, Southall, Hanwell, Elthorne Park and Greenford. Has Europe's largest free jazz festival every summer and is also home to Ealing Studios, the birthplace of Ealing Films, which is now a comedy club called Ha Bloody Ha.

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