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Earlham Street is a short street in the borough of Camden, Greater London. It runs from Cambridge Circus, the junction of Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury Avenue, to Seven Dials and a short way beyond, into the confused knot of streets in northern Covent Garden. Most notable from my perspective for containing Orc's Nest. There was also once a nice juice bar here, but it closed shortly after becoming an iMac-based net cafe.

For a short street Earlham Street has a high concentration of very good shops. There's a branch of Oddbins booze shop, a traditional ironmonger, a butcher, an oriental carpet shop and a couple of newsagents. It also contains a branch of the Dover Bookshop, with a huge collection of graphics and copyright free image resources, cheap reprints of the Andrew Lang fairy books, and more origami manuals than you can shake a stick at.

It's also the home of one of the best graphic design book shops in London, magma, and one of the best florists, The Wild Bunch. (the florist is a store front and a collection of market stalls, with a gorgeous array of unusual flowers and fantastically helpful staff who are happy to put together the strangest combinations for you.)

The market stalls that line one side of the street on Saturdays contain a mishmash of cheap and funky clothes, and cheap and ugly clothes, some Hello Kitty goodies, some low-priced silver, and odds and ends of luggage.

There are some fabulous clothes shops too: quirky small ones, as well as Diesel, a Stussy outlet, an All Saints shop, and a very good army surplus store. There's a camping supplies shop that is much cheaper than the bigger and busier stores down on Southampton Street (the other side of Covent Garden market).

In the stretch between the Seven Dials monument and Neal Street is the Donmar Warehouse, one of the most interesting small theatres in London. Sam Mendes was the artisitc director here when it was opened in 1992. The Cambridge Theatre focuses more on trashy West End productions and low budget musicals.

Oh, and there are several outbreaks of small mosaics, inclusing the elusive space invaders, over by one of the entrances to an indoor shopping centre, Thomas Neal's.

Although Earlham Street is in the Borough of Camden, it's really in the Covent Garden, the West End, Westminster area. It's nowhere near Camden at all. It's just across the road from Soho.

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