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The existence of the Earth Coincidence Control Office, or E.C.C.O, was first made public by Dr. John C. Lilly in the 20th century. The unknown entities running E.C.C.O. coordinate coincidences in our lives that ultimately determine our courses of action. Seinfeld was a great microcosmic example of how E.C.C.O. works. Of course, the coincidences on Seinfeld are exaggerated, but it follows the same rubric as E.C.C.O. With enough mindfulness the coincidences become self-evident in our lives, and the underlying logic linking these coincidences together practically necessitates that there must be a conscious controller (or, conscious controllers) behind them. E.C.C.O. is a substation of the Solar System Control Unit (S.S.C.U.), which is under the Galactic Coincidence Control (G.C.C.), which is under the Cosmic Control Center (C.C.C.). The unknown entities in charge of these offices could very well be called intelligent designers. In his book The Dyadic Cyclone, Dr. John C. Lilly passed along a message for humans from E.C.C.O.:

To all humans,

If you wish to control coincidences in your own life on the planet Earth, we will cooperate and determine those coincidences for you under the following conditions:

1) You must know/assume/simulate our existence in E.C.C.O.
2) You must be willing to accept our responsibility for control of your coincidences.
3) You must exert your best capabilities for your survival programs and your own development as an advancing/advanced member of E.C.C.O.'s earthside corps of controlled coincidence workers. You are expected to use your best intelligence in this service.
4) You are expected to expect the unexpected every minute, every hour of every day and of every night.
5) You must be able to maintain conscious/thinking/reasoning no matter what events we arrange to happen to you. Some of these events will seem cataclysmic/catastrophic/overwhelming: remember stay aware, no matter what happens/apparently happens to you.
6) You are in our training program for life: there is no escape from it. We (not you) control the long-term coincidences; you (not we) control the shorter-term coincidences by your own efforts.
7) Your major mission on earth is to discover/create that which we do to control the long-term coincidence patterns: you are being trained on Earth to do this job.
8) When your mission on planet Earth is completed, you will no longer be required to remain/return there.
9) Remember the motto passed to us (from G.C.C. via S.S.C.U.): "Cosmic love is absolutely ruthless and highly indifferent - it teaches its lessons whether you like/dislike them or not."

Of course, there are some who would tell you that Dr. John C. Lilly is crazy. I personally believe that E.C.C.O. is a metaphor and is not to be taken completely literally. As a metaphor, it is an abstract representation of the potential power of supernatural forces within our lives. It's worth some thought.

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