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Dogpile is the most popular metasearch engine currently on the internet, and is powered by Go2Net. It presents all results and is sorted by search engine. It searches through the following databases:

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Aside, to dogpile is to have a group of people all leap onto a single target, as dogs to fallen game. In football, as in schoolyards, participants in a dogpile (save for the unfortunate "individual") essay to immobilize, and often crush the target.

"Dogpile" is used metaphorically to express a series of rebuttals to a single statement.

dogfood = D = dogwash

dogpile v.

[Usenet: prob. fr. mainstream "puppy pile"] When many people post unfriendly responses in short order to a single posting, they are sometimes said to "dogpile" or "dogpile on" the person to whom they're responding. For example, when a religious missionary posts a simplistic appeal to alt.atheism, he can expect to be dogpiled. It has been suggested that this derives from U.S. football slang for a tackle involving three or more people; among hackers, it seems at least as likely to derive from an `autobiographical' Bugs Bunny cartoon in which a gang of attacking canines actually yells "Dogpile on the rabbit!".

--The Jargon File version 4.3.1, ed. ESR, autonoded by rescdsk.

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