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Binomial Nomeclature: Amazona aestiva

Subspecies: Amazona aestiva aestiva, Amazona aestiva xanthopteryx

Geographical Distribution: A.a.aestiva tends to live in the southern rainforests of Brazil; A.a.xanthopteryx is found SE in the vicinity of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, and the southen tip of Brazil.

Physical Size: 8-12 inches, females being smaller and the subspecies A.a.aestiva tending to be smaller than A.a.xanthopteryx.

Blue fronts, as they are commonly called, have vibrant coloring, with blue just above and around the beak followed by a larger ring of yellow. Green is the main body color. The coloring on the tips of the wings helps one to differentiate between the subspecies: A.a.xanthopteryx's wing bends have a band of red followed by a band of yellow; A.a.aestiva's wing bends are primarily yellow with the occaisional red flecks. Each type of flight feather is distinguished by its color: red, black, violet, and lime. The tail is green, yellow, and red.

Blue fronts are also known for their strong personality, vivacity, affectionate nature, and "speaking" abilities. They bond with their owners and they either love you or they hate you. They are attention seekers that are curious and require constant mental stimulation. Blues are also known for their territoriality, whether it be their cage or their favorite person. The human version of an Amazon blue would be histrionic and manic with a tendency for mischief and flamboyant dressing.

Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrots, Dr. E.J. Mulawka, 1983

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