Perl monks are those who worship the almighty perl. Those of us who have maintained disciplined minds, focusing on the perl mantra "Foo...Bar...", have graduated to perl monkhood where we sit around, drink beer and code perl.

It's more than a language, it's a lifestyle.

The Secret Order of the Perl Monks
gather together late at night, drink
beer and revel in the fact that by using complicated regexes and
list processing they can write programs that, even if they aren't the fastest running ever, can at least confuse the heck out of anyone who tries to interpret the code.

Perl Monks have transcended the bounds of C and shell scripts, raising their level of understanding to that of natural language and TMTOWTDI.

Sometimes a dedicated monk will even deign to tutor an apprentice monk in the way of the Camel.

Other times, we measure our worth in the number of lines of code we can *remove* from the corresponding C++ program and still achieve the same results.

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