CmdrTaco is using this to aid in the creation of his cult of personality! DMan is in fact working for the Chinese Communist Party (gasp!)! thefez is a propagandist for the NSF and CIA! --OutpostMir-- is really part of the SDI and never was a communist! Senshi Red is a tool of the conspirators to frighten low-level noders into submission! JessicaPierce is a time-traveling opperative for the Soviet MVD! Uberfetus and godling are agents hired by the CIA to maitain control over us! Gorgonzola is a co-conspirator and not cheese as he claims! Joseph McCarthy really was rounding up noders! knifegirl uses her dogs with bees in their mouths to keep us in the Party line! Pseudo Intellectual is being used as a idol for other noders so they will be distracted from the workings of the conspiracy! The Perl Monks are really a fanatical cult! SOY is really an evil mind control substance! nate and dem bones are cultivating us to form their personal army of slaves! Last night's war was staged by Cigarette Smoking Man! Everything2 is the Matrix! We are all sitting in cubicles in some goverment building with our brains plugged into a big-ass computer and Eos is running the simulation!!!!

Everything2 is made of people......There really is a conspiracy.......mommy why are all these people staring at me?

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