The ORBITAL MIND CONTROL LASERS represent a card in Steve Jackson Games' games "Illuminati" and "Illuminati: New World Order", also known as INWO. They allow you to change the alignment of cards in order to control or destroy them more easily. The tagline for the OMCL is "We know what's on your mind... We put it there!" The OMCLs have become something of a running gag amongst computer geeks and gamers, groups with significant overlap. (The overlap is apparent in the juxtaposition of Steve Jackson's efforts, Steve Jackson Games, and Illuminati Online (

I do not have my copy of Illuminati Deluxe Edition handy. However, Steve Jackson Games' website has a note about the card:

Orbital Mind Control Lasers: The card would have been clearer if it had read ''Once per turn, owner can add, remove or reverse an alignment of any other card in play.'' This card may be used only during the owner's turn, and the change lasts for one turn only.

Text of the INWO version:

By using the Lasers' action, you may add, remove, or reverse an alignment of any group in play. You may do this at any time except during a privileged attack. The change lasts only for the rest of the current player's turn.


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Card Game: Illuminati: New World Order - One With Everything. Steve Jackson Games.

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