A modern gamer is a relatively new term which properly describes a circa 21st Century computer/video game player. A gamer usually exists both online and offline, behind their nickname. Gamers have also been known to participate in LAN parties, in which he/she can socialise and continue his hobby with others like him/her. Clans are the equivilent of groups of friends in respect to gaming, in which a group of gamers compete together in wars with other clans.

Against popular belief, a gamer isn't usually in the same league as a "classed" geek or nerd. The majority of gamers usually know gaming as purely a hobby of sorts, rather then an obsession or lifestyle, even though in some communties you may find a lot of gamers who use gaming as a form of escape.

A gamer usually knows a fair bit about his/her stuff. This comes from the large amount of knowledge, money and maintenance required to keep up the hobby. Generally, this knowledge applies in hardware, software, programming, and general game information.

A gamer also hates to be classed.

Also see newbie and leet speak.

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