Or so I hear. I suspect, actually, that it's at least a couple of perl scripts; the index.pl one that produces the web pages, and one run through cron that resets user votes and cools for the day.

Not only is Everything a perl script, but I'm becoming more and more convinced that everything is a perl script, too. Webster 1913 likely is. Dman certainly seems like it. Even the mighty Dem Bones has the spare elegance of a coded entity. As if you took your infinite monkeys' output and fed it as input to a neural network trained on the dreams of a thousand quiet, sensitive teenage girls.

I know I'm a perl script. And it isn't even that long. A couple hundred lines at most implement the variety of the output you see from me. It would take more to describe my emotions that drive that output, but that translation is always lossy anyways, and so has been optimized out of the end program.

Are you one, too?

Here's index.pl in all its glory:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w 

use strict;
use Everything::HTML;

# >>> Extra Packages
# <<< Extra Packages

mod_perlInit "everything";

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