I recently acquired yet another computer, this one an ageing but still fully-functional Pentium 100. As I've got sufficient UNIXy boxen lying around I decided to leave this one running Bill's finest but felt that it could do with some tweaking and tidying up.

First things first, let's get a decent web browser on there. So what've we got pre-installed? Internet Explorer 3.0 ... ooh I remember that. Well OK, let's fire it up, use it to download Opera (Netscape being a bit too bloaty for a 24Mb RAM machine), then get rid of IE. All well and good, Opera's installed, now how do I remove this creaking old offering from Microsoft? Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel doesn't work, neither does Windows Setup.

OK, we'll do this by hand. Firstly I'll clear the icon (charmingly labelled 'The Internet') from the Windows desktop. Click, drag, release over Recycle Bin. And at that point, I fell over laughing, because Windows decided to inform me that:

The Internet Cannot Be Stored In Your Recycle Bin
Do You Wish To Delete The Internet?

So sorry guys, but I'm afraid that's it. The End. Game Over. Bye bye everything. Because I am just about to tell Windows 95 that yes, I do wish to delete the internet. Wish me luck.

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