These cheat codes will allow you to do amazing and wonderous things in Everything2. Impress your fellow noders!

Infinite Cools

  1. Go to nate's home node.
  2. Double-click on the @ in the email address in the image.
  3. Type "Kooler Than Jesus" in the Search box.
You should now have infinite cools for the rest of the day.

1000000 Hit Points and Maximum Charisma!

  1. Go to dem bones' home node.
  2. Paste his motto into the chatterbox (it changes every day.)
  3. Now search for "Martin"
This will give you 1000XP.

About the EDB

The Node Which Cannot Be Named

  1. Click Create a Node.
  2. For the name of the node, put "~" or "." or a similar special character.
Voila! You should now be at the Node with no name.

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