E2 is filled with oddities. Mostly the noders. But there are also a lot of nodes that deserve special acknowledgment; some of these are run-of-the-mill superdocs and features, but some of them are virtually unknown and unused. Naturally, there is no ultimate list of Easter eggs, as the whole point of Easter eggs is that you have to search to find them. But here are a few of the better known ones to whet your appetite.

All About You:
- Your Stuff
My Big Writeup List: Adds a few new options over Everything User Search.
Node Tracker: Shows recent changes (votes, C!s, deletions, creations) to your nodes.
Your nodeshells.
Your nodeshells II: Shows which nodeshells have firmlinks.
Your filled nodeshells.
Your notelet: Notelet Editor and Notelet nodelet utilities.
- Your Achievements:
My achievements: What all you've done -- and never knew.
Noding speedometer: How fast you node. You will need at least 50 writeups for this to work.
Golden Trinkets and Silver Trinkets: Your blessings and sanctifications, if any.
Voting Oracle: How often you've voted, and how nice you were.
in10se's sandbox4: How many Ilikeits you've gotten from guest user.

Working with your nodes:
Text Formatter: A customizable version of WYSIWYG editing.
List HTML tags: HTML tags that will work on E2.
E2 Source Code Formatter: An easy way to turn source code into HTML for display in E2 nodes.
Wharfinger's Linebreaker: An easy way to insert multiple BR tags.
Alphabetizer: Sorts things alphabetically.
Using Special Characters in Titles: Not just for titles! Find the HTML code for special characters or have E2 find it for you.

Chatterlight: A full page version of the chatterbox.
My Chatterlight: Also that.
Chatterlighter: And this.
Java Chatterbox: A Java Chatterbox.
E2 Chatterbox Archive: See all that's been said (offsite link).
Available Rooms: Places to chat.
Everything Finger: Tells you what room people are in.
Create Room: If you are level 5 or above, allows you to create a chatterbox room. More info here.
Frogbox: A chat client (requires download).
Mattbox: Mac OS X Chatterbox Client.

Other Noders:
Recent Users: see all the happy shiny people! (currently closed; may open again).
Usergroup Lineup: A list of usergroups.
The Registries and Recent Registry Entries: About the people.
Registry Information: What you've told people.
The Everything People Registry: Where people are.
Who to send presents to, and when.: Birthdays!
Everything Mailing Address Registry
Everything Instant Messaging Registry
E2 Family tree: How people found their way to E2.
Writeups by Type: Shows you what people have been noding. If that's not Easter-eggy enough for you, you can also check out Log Archive, 25, Everything New Nodes, ENN, E2N, and EKN.
Everything's Best Users
Everything2 Memes: What other people have been thinking.
Pit of Abomination: Damn them all!

Ersatz People:
Virgil: Answers /help requests in the chatbox.
Cool Man Eddie: Bearer of good tidings.
E2D2: Talks back to you.
Giant Teddy Bear: Makes random appearances in the chatbox.
Fireball: sometimes sets people on fire.
EDB: Retired(?) E2 enforcer.
Klaproth: Retired.
automaus: Retired.
Donginger: Dead.
Root: Is actually nate.
Webster1913, Jargon, Recipe, Biotech, Divine Storage Co., and Everyone: They just node stuff. That's all.

Finding New Stuff:
Blind Voting Booth: Finds writeups you haven't voted on yet.
Nodes of the Year: The best nodes.
Between the Cracks: Finds a whole lot of writeups you haven't voted on yet.
Everything's Obscure Writeups: Finds obscure writeups.
Do You C! What I C?: A list of things C!ed by people who C! the things you C!ed.
The Recommender: A list of things bookmarked by people who bookmarked the same things you did.
Editor Endorsements: See what editors (past and present) have liked.
A Year Ago Today: A view of nodes past.
Everything Document Directory: May not show much if you're not part of the admin.
The Nodelets: Shows you the nodelets that you don't have on your sidebar.
Full Text Search Beta: A Google search-bar.
Finding Stuff To Node:
Everything's Most Wanted: Rewards for filling in nodeshells.
Wertperch's nodeshell challenge
Random nodeshells

About E2:
Statistics and Lies, damn lies.
Site Trajectory and Site Trajectory 2: See how E2 is growing (or not) over time.
Database Lag-o-meter
Topic Archive: Chatterbox topics of yore.
Nodeshells: Recently created nodeshells.

Other Sites and Programs:
E2 Chatterbox Archive and other random oddities.
Web Pages of Everythingians
E2 Explorer: A 'web-browser' made just for E2!
E2 Link and Logger Client: A multi-functional tool for seeing your stats, chatting, and linking writeups.
nodeSTAR: A node visualizer, giving a graphic interpretation of your nodes graphed by rep and time. Some features appear not to work currently.
E2 on Facebook: You'll need a Facebook account in order to join the Facebook E2 group.
E2 on Meetup.com
E2 on Livejournal
Everything: The Forum:A forum about all things E2ish, Found here. Still operational but officially suspended, in favor of on-site group discussions.
Everything2 Elsewhere: A list of external sites that have E2 groups, not unlike the list presented above.
E2 Offline Scratchpad (Visual Basic 6 program).
E2 node backup (Perl program).
Javascript Repository: All kinds of gadgets to improve your noding experience.

Just Plain Weird Stuff:
Wheel of Surprise
Ask Everything: Do I have the Swine Flu?
E2 Penny Jar
E2 Rot13 Encoder: Encode in ROT13!
E2 Color Toy: Playing around with HTML color codes.
Softlink Drawer: It's a mystery...
Piercisms Generator: If I have to explain it, it's not for you.
Fezisms Generator: Ditto.
Teddisms Generator: I have no idea who Tedd is.
Oblique strategies garden
E2 Marble Shop
Word messer-upper: does It this.
Wine bottle sizes
Everything Quote Server
Everything I Ching
The Default Node
Mixed Euphoria: Music noders like.
about nobody: a little lost poem. Or ten.
Google acquires rights to Everything2 database and code: Or not.
Nate's Pseudo-Wisdoms
E2 Sperm Counter
E2 Nutrition Facts
Buffalo Generator and Buffalo Haiku Generator
And any superdoc with "sandbox" in the title is bound to be interesting, if they'll let you in...

Stuff That Doesn't Work:
E2 Nodegel Visualizer: Showed you your node rep in a nice graphical interface.
Punch Thyself: Took away XP.
Bless thyself: Gave you golden trinkets. Sure it did.
Draft Everything2 Terms of Service
squawkbox: Chatbox client.
E2 Zeitgeist: Showed what was popular.

And A Few Features That You Might Not Have Been Aware Of:
E2 Gift Shop: Lets you buy and give votes, C!s, eggs, and other fun things.
Create Category: Another way to interrelate nodes. Don't forget to check out Display Categories to see what others have done.
Edit your theme: If you're using Zen theme, you can edit it yourself at the draughty atelier, or see other edits at Theme Nirvana and The Catwalk. If you're using EKW, you can edit it at ekw Preferences.
On a similar vein, the Style Defacer will let you do some CSS markup
Podcaster: The E2 podcast. Requests go to Read Me.

And that's just the nodes. There are also some imaginative things that can be done with the /egg command, and if you play around with the /roll command in the chatbox you can get some interesting effects. There are more levels than you might expect at The Everything2 Voting/Experience System. And there are all kinds of interesting bits embedded in the site's code.

If you've found something interesting that you think deserves to be common knowledge, let me know and I'll add it. But keep the coolest ones to yourself -- there need to be a few surprises left for people to dig up on their own.

* Some of these may be Editor-only features. If you can't see a given node, /msg me, and I'll put it in italics.

Everything2 Easter Eggs has had a long history, as people have over time found easter eggs, posted them, and then had their posts assimilated into ever larger and more comprehensive lists. While many of these noders have been lost in the depths of time, ariels and yclept were the most recent to have writeups here, and yclept had the honor of making the first true Easter Egg Metanode, which this writeup humbly replaces.

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