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Here's a few windows 95 Easter Eggs:

Windows 95 Team (Original version of Win95, might have been removed in later service packs.)

1. Right Click on the Desktop.
2. Select New... then Folder.
3. Name the folder "and now, the moment you've all been waiting for".
4. Right Click on the folder and rename it to "we proudly present for your viewing pleasure".
5. Rename it again to "The Microsoft Windows 95 Product Team!"
6. Open the folder and the Windows 95 credits will be displayed. The folder will remain around so anytime you want to view the credits again, all you have to do is re-open the folder.


The Shadow Knows!

1. Go to the start menu and click Help.
2. Click the tab marked Find.
3. At this point you may get a wizard asking you to set up Find. If you do, use the defaults.
4. In the Find dialog box click Options.
5. Set the top section to: All the words you typed in order, set the next section to: begin with the characters you typed.
6. Click OK to return back to the main dialog box, and enter in the top box exactly: Who knows who built this tool?
7. Hold down Shift and Control while clicking the Clear button.
8. Click Options again, and set the top section to: At least one of the words you typed, set the next section to: contain the characters you type. And click OK to return back to the main dialog box.
9. In the top box enter exactly: The Shadow knows!
10. Hold down Shift and Control while clicking the Clear button.



1. Right click on desktop
2. Click properties
3. Click on screen-saver tab
4. Choose 3-D text, and click on settings
5. Type in the text box- "volcano"
6. Click ok, and enjoy


Solitaire Scoring Trick

1. Start up the Solitare game
2. Choose "Game," "Options," and "Draw three."
3. You can also put the scoring and stats on.
4. Type in "xyzzy" (without the quotes)
5. Hold down the Ctrl + Alt + Shift
6. Click on the deck of cards.
7. In newer versions, the "xyzzy" is not needed.


Hope you like them :)

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