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New York. I have this romantic idea of a heartless city, cold and foggy. I can't get it out of my head. I haven't even moved yet. Yet.

I did, however, change my zip code in my SparkMatch profile to 10010. I did a local search, just to see who was who, and you know what?

"stand/alone/bitch: 57%"

Bam. There it was, staring me in the face, in a prophetic white-on-blue. I started thinking about what it would be like to date stand/alone/bitch. Then, in a wave of anticlimax, the answer came to me. I could never date stand/alone/bitch! She doesn't exist. Neither does Ælien, really. He's just a handle, screen name, nickname, whatever. Not me. I did her an injustice, for just a few seconds. I made the mistake of thinking I knew her.

No, I wouldn't want to date stand/alone/bitch.


Maybe I'll look up Jane, though.

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