I've been thinking about the double standard in this election: so, let's enter the imagination machine, step right up Ghouls and Boyars and bring your akavit, vodka, pot, meth, whatever.

Let's reverse the sexes.

Donna Trump is now a GIRL. She has a VAGINA and a VULVA and she acts JUST THE SAME....

... and uh, well, isn't that just like a woman? Fuck, the way she throws tantrums and all those emotions and not only is she a woman but she is an ANGRY WOMAN, she is a BITCH, SHE IS PROBABLY ON HER PERIOD, HORMONE CITY FOLKS, RAG RAG RAG, FEMINAZI. Yeah, build a wall around that bitch all right, and she probably has sharks teeth lining her vagina, I mean really, who would have sex with that?

Hilaire Clinton is now a MAN. He is a Real Man. Manly.

....and look. He is logical, smart, he knows his shit. He knows how a real man deals with emotions, like, they never show them to anyone. Maybe their spouse once a year. He might speak sharply to someone who is out of control ... Donna Trump.... but he is instantly calm, reassuring, contained, strong.... is that presidential or what? That's what we need. Logic. A thinking man....

....even if it's a woman.

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