In the Everything Neighborhood:

I loved living in a block with those brownstone apartment buildings. I see myself peering over datagirl's shoulder as she is noding with her 'puter. SpinyNorm is running around, chasing JessicaPierce with a sparkler like he does with everybody else (except me). Cowboyneal is laying back on a lounging chair, nibbling on a cookie. We loved those cookies, especially because datagirl baked them for us.

Then it happened.

A car roved by, it's more of a van. A van with no windows, and its door opened up. A couple of punks came out, holding balls of crumpled-up paper. "Hey! you suck!" one of them yelled, and he heaved a paper ball at us. A few more paper balls followed from those assholes, and the kids dodged, running away to hide.

The van sped away, and CowboyNeal crawled out of the door to his basement apartment, and he called the cops. Datagirl was okay, she was hiding behind the front door. SpinyNorm tripped and fell, and he scraped his left knee. I walked him back home with JessicaPierce.

I picked up one of those balls of paper and opened it up. On the paper, I see a negative sign. That's it, a negative sign. I asked CowboyNeal "What's the deal?" Neal said that the paper balls came from one of those gang kids who only throw negative votes. "Just ignore them, you have a good reputation. They don't come up here very often."

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