A really bad movie made by public television wherein Aram Fingle (Raul Julia) plays a man who's tired of his job and gets thrust into a very confusing, senseless stream of events that somehow involve a heartless replication of the classic Casablanca.

Picture, if you will, the future. Not a very specific one, but one where data entry is apparently THE job to get into. And in data entry, one Aram Fingle gets access to what are known in this future day and age as 'cinemas', that is, movies. Namely, Casablanca. Now, he's not supposed to do this, what with all the data that needs entry, so they take him for punishment.

Punishment seems to involve being 'doppled'. You have your brain put in a cube where you live as a creature in the real world. You will learn that anteaters are apparently evil creatures in the future. NOBODY wants to be an anteater.

Anyhoo, some mischevious sex-crazed kid (I'm dead serious) plays havoc with Aram's body and it gets lost in massive reorganizations, en route to a sex-change operation. In the meantime, a computer glitch has caused Aram's consciousness to go into the computer, which is frequently represented as a parody of Casablanca. And this is where it gets weird.

Aram is now trying to get 'interfaced' with the computer. The Fat Man doesn't want him to. Frankly, that's all that's explained. It's never quite clear what being 'interfaced' accomplishes, it's not exactly certain why The Fat Man doesn't want him to do so, and it all goes wacky from there, what with the interfacing and the Casablanca and the operator who doppled Aram in the first place trying to tell him to stop and all. It's a mess.

Aram eventually gets interfaced, The Fat Man falls through a video feedback effect, and... um... there's some sort of victory for Aram... victory over... er...

MST3K episode #822.

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