Yeah, I've really gotten behind on these. My life got busy early December which then segued into the holidays and the start of a new semester. E2 remained busy however with another successful Iron Noder and some changes with a new guest user Front Page and categories.

I know what you did this winter...

Some points of discussion among the staff since November.

  • Some fact checking on one of our more mathematical nodes
  • Normal responses to blanking writeups, asking for second opinions, and general housekeeping
  • The mysterious popularity of E2 as the number of logged in users skyrocketed in mid November (blame AJAX)
  • Discussing what level of incomprehensibility is permissible and what should be nuked
  • Finalizing the look of the Guest User Front Page
  • Policy about linking to porn in writeups (ok as long as it's labeled as such)
  • The potential for abuse of categories like insulting softlinks and future policies on that abuse (adding users to categories has since been disabled)
  • Policy on noding Wikipedia entries
  • New editor toys (Notifications when a writeup is blanked! An archive for catbox topic changes!)

Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

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