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Jane Loevinger's ego development theory proposes that individuals progress through a series of stages that reflect increased levels of cognitive complexity and ego maturity. Loevinger proposes that the level of ego functioning influences how an individual perceives and interprets personal experiences and interpersonal relationships.

Richard Shweder, a cultural psychologist, argues that an individual's ideals and interpersonal interactions are influenced by the values and normative behavior patterns embedded in their cultural worldview. Shweder suggests that there are three primary cultural worldviews: an Autonomous worldview that emphasizes independent choice, a Community worldview concerned with the well-being of the larger social community, and a Divinity worldview that focuses on divinely-inspired revelation.

Loevinger and Shweder's theories suggest that the personal ideals that are important to an individual and the patterns of interaction among individuals may be influenced both by their level of ego maturity and the key values in their cultural context.

Erikson's theory suggests that the commitment to personal ideals and the development of male-female relationships were important elements in the identity and intimacy challenges confronting young adults.

i thought that this piece i did a while back fitted nicely in here, enjoy...

the inability for people to interact with people that they have never met.

theory: the inability that people have to sensibly interact with other people that they have never met before is based on their thoughts for this person, any groups they are a member of and their view of society as a whole. i have named three levels of inadequacy to interact, best explained by way of example.

'level one' or 'curse those primitive instincts' jim has started a new school and needs some new friends. jim sees a pretty blonde girl. he instantly thinks about having sex with her, then he thinks about licking parts of her body and finally he thinks about introducing himself. jim has no intention of course of performing any of these acts that he has just imagined, it is just what comes subconsciously to jim, he just thinks that these activities would be very enjoyable with this pretty blonde girl. jim now reaches the decision that he cant introduce himself so he doesnt and he continues to think more thoughts along the lines of the original ones. he continues to avoid the girl until a time when he is introduced to the girl by a third party.

'level two' or 'sex, race and religion' jim sees a guy that looks like he leads a similiar lifestyle to himself. jim thinks that it would be nice to meet someone with similiar interests. jim decides that he will not introduce himself, instead he will continue to sit here and be alone. jim thinks that males are a bunch of sexist, racist and monotonous individuals. jim knows this is not true about himself, he knows it is not true about his friends and other people he has met and he also knows that it is probably not true about this guy here. the thought is still there though.

'level three' or 'society is a drag' jim sees another pretty girl but he has no sexual thoughts about her at all. jim thinks that she looks interesting and he would like to meet her yet he will not due to his 'lack of self confidence'. jim thinks that society as a whole is extremely messed up and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

conclusion: jim knows that these things should have no bearing whatsoever on his abilty to interact with others, yet it does. unconsciously jims brain is telling him that he shouldnt meet people because of various thoughts about about the worth of knowing these individuals.

damn brain. too effective.

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