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The modern programming trend as an art type - what the modern proprietary (and sometimes even free) programs seem to be like.

The modern programs tend to be egoistic - the programs demand all available system resources to themselves, usually over the objections of the user (who wouldn't really want to buy a Pentium III to run Office 2000 when their 486DX-66 runs WordPerfect quite nicely).

Secondly, modern programs are capitalistic - they tend to be written out of the greed of big corporations just to increase profits. Many software companies have forgotten the need to make good programs; they just make programs that sell.

(I don't see capitalism in general as a highly bad idea; however, if greed goes over quality, we're heading in wrong direction).

Most programs these days are functionalistic - in other words, many programmers don't care what the program looks like from the inside anymore, they're satistified if the program meets the specification and do the job.

And, of course, programs are colossal these days. What happened to small and working programs? No, no one bothers to pack stuff in small space anymore. See above for egoism.

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