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2000 album by Senor Coconut Y Su Conjunto, this is "the one that has the quaint mariachi guys doing the Kraftwerk songs." The music can be described in much more complex terms (the wry post-modern juxtaposition of the uberminimalist kraut electrobeats and tunes with the ain't-nuthin'-more-fun-and-sensual latin dance steps fully fleshed out, perhaps completely on the other side of the dance spectrum from what Kraftwerk originally intended) but to the average listener (scratch that - the above-average listener who actually manages to figure out why these tunes sound so vaguely familiar yet irrevocably recontextualized) the gloss is as far into the goofy (yet delivered with a complete straight face) prank-music as they need get.

Distributed by Emperor Norton, the track listing (and style of each cover) follows:

The album's name is Spanish for "The German Dance."

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