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"El Cadejo" is a supposedly paranormal entity accounted to appear in several countries in Latin America. It is known to be a black or white four legged creature and in a few countries it is also known to take a dark, anthropomorphic shape. Its origins are unknown. Legends in some countries tell about a curse, others about divine wrath, but there's no general consensus about it.

The white Cadejo is known to protect those it meets, mostly drunk or lonesome people walking at night. It is known to spawn as an apparently normal dog. The black Cadejo on the other hand, takes people away from the path they walk, never to be seen again. Its appearance varies in stories. From an apparently normal dog to a demonic looking, red eyed bull-like creature.

It usually appears at night to lonely, drunk people, although there are stories about less inebriated men who've encounterd it during a dark, moonles night while travelling on foot. There's even a story about it haunting the room where someone passed away.

One wouldn't want to fight "El Cadejo". Why? Well, the white one doesn't mean any harm. And it wouldn't be a good idea to anger benevolent spirits. The black one is one tough mofo. According to many, many stories, it is quite resistant to physical attacks, bullets, knives and such. Holy water and prayers seem to be some of the few things that can affect it negatively. So if you, by any chance happen to be walking on a deserted road at night and suddenly, a black dog with red eyes appears as if it came out of nowhere, run and pray. Although running might not work for you, because it is also said that it can somehow impair their victim's movement as they feel heavy and sluggish.

The white Cadejo leaves its companions without them noticing. Once they arrive to their final destination, people busy themselves opening the door or whatnot. Then they remember about the dog, turn around and see nothing, as if the creature was never there. The black one usually leaves a stench similar to that of rotten eggs and a small pile of black dust, if it disappears suddenly.

Stories say that those who have survived an encounter with the black Cadejo (generally by fleeing), arrive to either where they came from or where they were going to, sweating, pale and feverish. They also get sick for a couple of days and avoid nightly trips.

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