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In The Wheel of Time, Elayne Trakand is the daughter-heir of Andor. Her mother, Morgase Trakand is, obviously, the queen, then. Elayne is also one of the 3 women in love with Rand al'Thor. Her hair is said to be sun-colored, and like most women in Robert Jordan's fantasies, she is pretty, maybe even beautiful.

Like her mother, Elayne has a temper sometimes but mostly she acts as the settling factor when Nynaeve al'Meara's templer flares.

Elayne is an Aes Sedai, although not raised properly and thus not bound by Oath Rods. She was raised in Little Tower by "rebel" Aes Sedai.

She is said be Ilyena Sunhair reborn, and her appearance and attraction to Rand certainly suggest it. It is not certain, however, that Ilyena is one of those people who are reborn (unless all are), or that Ilyena indeed is Elayne. Also note that rearranging letters and changing i to e produces Elayne from Ilyena.

See also Women in the Wheel of Time.

A pretty amusing thing about this princess is that her hobby is the collection of swear words and profanity. In several instances, she is shown to memorize curses she hears for the first time.

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